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"At the start of the wedding planning process, we really had no idea what we were getting into. I don't know what we would have done without Abigail's expertise, especially in the last month. She was constantly available to answer questions, give suggestions about what to ask vendors, provide advice on decor, and countless other things. I was able to relax on the day of our wedding because I knew Abby had everything in hand. To top it all off, when we were leaving the reception, we realized that we hadn't set a very clear plan for clean-up; Abby jumped in and handled everything seamlessly so that we could go and enjoy the rest of our day! I can't think of a more talented, knowledgeable, and thoughtful coordinator to have handled our celebration!"

Travis & Bridget Marshall-Roth

"Having Abby as my day-of coordinator was one of the best decisions I made leading up to my wedding. She was professional, organized, and very communicative. When we met to plan the day, I felt like my ideas were heard and incorporated, and she also brought extremely helpful suggestions to the table when I was indecisive. When the big day rolled around, I felt confident that everything was in capable hands, and all I needed to focus on was getting married. Working with Abby really made it the best day of my life."

Anna & Aidan Fletcher 

Abigail was a dream wedding coordinator to work with from the very beginning! Right after my recent husband and I found Abigail, she jumped right in and helped us with anything and everything we needed during our wedding planning process. Especially as our wedding day was right around the corner, Abigail did more work that we could have ever asked her to. Just a few days before the wedding, my husband and I were without a bartender, and Abigail searched high and low to find someone for our big day and managed to find the perfect solution for us. Because of Abigail, my husband and I’s wedding day flowed effortlessly, and we were able to go throughout the day without any worries on our mind. She is not only professional, but also incredibly easy to get along with and work alongside. We could not recommend Abigail and her skills as a wedding coordinator enough!

Aidan & Julia Loughran 

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